Commercial Brick Work

Existing or new commercial buildings can be upgraded to brick with various systems.

When it comes to commercial buildings, brick work is a popular option for upgrading the look and feel of the building. Whether you own an existing building or are building a new one, adding brick work can add both character and value to a commercial building. Brick work offers a variety of styles and options, making it a great choice for any commercial bank. 

For this bank, we used a Glen-Gery Thin Tech Installation System which literally saved inches needed for this tiny lot on which the bank was built.

Our Approach

Here we are installing the metal panels attached to the frame of the building that would later hold the thin brick.

Here real clay thin bricks are installed on the panels using adhesive and support ties.

System includes corner panels to accept corner bricks which gives the appearance of a traditional full bricks laid in mortar.

Once completed, it gives you the look and beauty of a full brick, installed and mortar.

As you can see, upgrading your commercial building with brick work can have numerous benefits. It adds a timeless aesthetic, increases property value, and offers flexibility in design options. While there are different types of brick systems to consider, each has its own pros and cons. Cost considerations should also be taken into account, as well as careful planning and preparation. The construction process requires skilled professionals to ensure a high-quality outcome. Finally, proper maintenance is key to preserving the beauty and durability of your brick work. With these considerations in mind, you can confidently upgrade your commercial building to brick and enjoy its lasting impact.

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Success Stories

"These guys did an amazing job converting my fireplace from brick to stone. They were helpful in the design process making sure they were meeting my vision, sourcing materials that would make it possible, and detailed work resulting in an outstanding finished product. If you are in need of masonry you should give them a call"

Jack Capurso

"We are so thrilled with our new steps and railings, Chris and his team were amazing to work with. I loved the fact that he guided us thru design and choices of materials, and his contract is meticulous and lays out scope of work and material costs with great clarity. They also replaced our side steps and retaining wall along our driveway tying everything together. Such a great company to work with!!!!"e."

Nancy Gowe

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